Asset Insight haalt het maximale uit assets

Converting your asset potential

Asset Insight is your partner in asset management.

We provide the right insights into assets within the infrastructure.

The world in which we live places ever-growing demands on our infrastructure. Asset management is becoming increasingly important. We work with our clients and business partners to help achieve their goals in the field of asset information management. We offer this service to clients who own or manage railways, roads, water barriers, waterways, waste processing chains, harbours, or (petrochemical) industrial companies.

Our expertises


Our inspections are fully aimed at establishing the actual condition of assets we are intended to inspect. In doing so, we contribute to planning safety, continuity, and unimpeded process and procedures.

Digital measuring

Reliable information is an essential component for managing and maintaining infrastructure. Using high quality digital measurements and an accessible insight into vast amounts of data, we can help you come to grips with the condition of your assets.


Asset.Insight can help by monitoring your assets to provide you with a continuous insight into the condition of your assets. This lets you perform measurements, signal environmental changes, and monitor the condition of your assets – all from the comfort of your own desk.

Predictive modelling

We combine profound asset expertise with experts in the field of innovative data analytics techniques. This combination results in one-of-a-kind insight that establishes the added value of both domain expertise and (big) data.