Our inspections are fully aimed at establishing the actual condition of assets we are intended to inspect. In doing so, we contribute to planning safety, continuity, and unimpeded process and procedures. Safety and the prevention of disturbance are our principles. We use the latest techniques in our inspections. Customised and tailored solution in the field of predictive modelling contribute to insight and an effective and efficient approach.


How we can be of service

Are you curious about the exact nature of your assets and whether they are in compliance with legal norms and requirements? Would you like to know about the status of your assets or are you interested in a very focussed inspection? We would be happy to join you in determining which solution best fits your demands. We offer visual, state of play, or focussed technical inspections. We use well-considered and innovative methods, techniques, and means. We perform inspections on railways, roads, water barriers and harbours, oil and gas companies, (petrochemical) industry, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals.


How you can benefit

  • A correct insight into your assets

  • Insight into the condition, presence, and safety of your assets

  • Evidence and argumentation for certifications through legislation and regulation

  • Control over the management of your assets



Professional inspections

We employ over 60 specialised inspectors. These experts know exactly which legal norms and requirements your assets need to meet. We perform inspections for various industries, including roads, railways, waterways, tunnels, dikes, and airports. Using your demands and requirements, we review the best possible ways of performing your inspections. For example, we use drones to inspect hard to reach areas, belly boats for bridge inspections, and quads for dike inspections.



A selection from our wide range of inspections

Laboratory studies/ environmental studies/ water permeability inspections/ inspections of groundwork, waterways, roads and civil engineering (CROW)/ NEN 3140 /1010 inspections/ NEN 3840 inspections/ NEN 2767 condition inspections/ dike inspections/ appraisals/ damage inspections/ maintenance inspections/ environmental assessment/ condition measurements/ traffic control inspection/ roadside system inspections/ QA/QC inspections/ inspection-testing procedures/ (remote) visual inspections/ welding inspections/ piping inspections/ rotating equipment inspections/ flare tip and chimney inspections

More information about inspections?

Are you looking for an inspection that is not included in this list, then do not hesitate to contact us. We are very happy to see how we can help you reach the best possible solution. We are also keen to help you consider any steps following your inspection. Are you looking to maximise your assets? Let us help you get there by: