Our services

Asset.Insight. would like to get an insight into your issues and demands. Based on that insight, Asset.Insight. can help you get the insight you need to professionally manage your assets. A proper understanding of your question is the basis for our activities. We combine asset expertise with innovative data analytics techniques. Asset.Insight. inspects, measures, monitors, and predicts the quality of assets, using over 60 certified inspectors.  



Our inspections are fully aimed at establishing the actual condition of assets we are intended to inspect. In doing so, we contribute to planning safety, continuity, and unimpeded process and procedures. Safety and the prevention of disturbance are our principles. We use the latest techniques in our inspections. Customised and tailored solution in the field of predictive modelling contribute to insight and an effective and efficient approach.

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Digital measuring

Reliable information is an essential component for managing and maintaining infrastructure. Using high quality digital measurements and an accessible insight into vast amounts of data, we can help you come to grips with the condition of your assets. The exhaustive knowledge offered by our measurements specialists quickly leads to a thorough cause analysis. Following analyses of data sets, damages can be repaired in time and major repair costs can be prevented. The result is an improvement of the quality and accessibility of infrastructure.

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Asset.Insight can help by monitoring your assets to provide you with a continuous insight into the condition of your assets. This lets you perform measurements, signal environmental changes, and monitor the condition of your assets – all from the comfort of your own desk. Relevant data can be provided in various formats, for example browser-based on integrated into GIS applications. Based on this collection of data, we can develop algorithms that can be used to recognise deviations and risk. This lets us create a new flow of information allowing for fully supported risk-based maintenance.  

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Predictive modelling

We combine profound asset expertise with experts in the field of innovative data analytics techniques. This combination results in one-of-a-kind insight that establishes the added value of both domain expertise and (big) data. This insight serves as the foundation for predictions on the condition of your assets, for example. 

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