Digital measuring

Reliable information is an essential component for managing and maintaining infrastructure. Using high quality digital measurements and an accessible insight into vast amounts of data, we can help you come to grips with the condition of your assets. The exhaustive knowledge offered by our measurements specialists quickly leads to a thorough cause analysis. Following analyses of data sets, damages can be repaired in time and major repair costs can be prevented. The result is an improvement of the quality and accessibility of infrastructure.


How we can be of service

Are you looking to capture existing infrastructure in a digital format? Would you like to know more about the status of bridges, tunnels, roads, railways, piping, or steam turbines? Using your demands and requirements, we help you find the best possible solution. We can also help by digitising your assets. To this end, we employ sensors and cameras on measuring-trains or cars. Hard to reach areas are digitised using drones. Our highly advanced and state of the art 3D laser scanner, one of only 10 in existence, enables us to collect highly detailed information on the existing conditions of buildings, roads, railways, tunnels, roads, bridges, or spatial environments in rapid time. 


Based on our measurements and 360-degree images, Asset.Insight. can create 3D point clouds. This accurate digital imaging makes it appear as though you are in the area we have captured. You can perform measurements, signal changes in the environment, and monitor the status of your assets from your desk. Through digitisation and the ‘Internet of Things’, increasingly up-do-date information becomes available, for example through web browsers or integrated GIS applications. This helps you save time that would have to be spent on physically visiting a location in order to perform measurements.


How you can benefit

  • Objective datasets

  • Improved insight into the status and quality of your infrastructure

  • Manage your infrastructure from your desk

  • Control over the management of your infrastructure


3D point cloud mapping/ Visual materials / 360o imaging/ Object recognition based on point clouds and visual materials/ Points geometry measurements/ ARAN measurements/ Fall weight deflectometer measurements/ Dynamic plate load testing/ Asphalt and construction drilling/ Radar measurements/ Texture measurements/ Rigidity measurements/ Longitudinal measurements /Cycling Comfort Measurements/ Monitoring measurements/ Ultrasonic measurements/ Eddy Current measurements/ Light intensity measurements/ Thermographic measurements/ Inspection process digitisation


More information on digital measurements?

Are you faced with requirements not found on this list, then do not hesitate to contact us. We are very happy to see how we can help you reach the best possible solution. We are also keen to help you consider any steps following your inspection. Are you looking to maximise your assets? Let us help you get there by: