Our working area

We are active in various domains in which, over the years, we have built up real expertise.  Railway: tracks, switches, track layout, overhead lines, and sleepers Roads: road surface, bridges, roadsides, bike paths, runways, and tunnels Water: dikes, quays, dams, waterworks, bridges, sluices, barrages, purifiers, mills, harbours, rivers, channels Industry: installations, pumps, piping, (storage) tanks, welds, industrial installations, and rotating equipment   Naturally, in addition to our vast domain knowledge, we are backed by the full experience of VolkerWessels and all its subsidiaries.



The location and condition of assets at all times is of essential importance in order to effectively manage modern railway or metro networks. This leads to improved user safety and saves times and money. It also ensures that breakdowns and disruptions can be kept to a minimum. We inspect, measure, monitor and predict the quality of various railway-related factors, tracks, switches, track layout, overhead lines, and sleepers. Through modern diagnostic technologies, our focus goes beyond mere maintenance. In this respect, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning are of the utmost importance.



Dutch infrastructure and roads have been stretched to the limits of their capability. Unchecked expansion is not an option, which means our goal should be to optimise the efficiency of the available assets. The road network is a national priority given its fundamental role in the economy. With regards to asset management of motorways, a structured approach to road maintenance is important. This helps authorities to manage their “motorway assets” and to repair these assets to meet performance requirements. We offer our assistance in this process, including for road surfaces, bridges, roadsides, bike paths, provincial and national motorways, and runways.

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Asset management in the domain of “water” is becoming increasingly important. The water chain, waste water purification and transport are reaching the end of their economic lifespan. Reinvestment as a one-time-deal is impossible. Using our knowledge of modern digital gathering methods and data from external sources, we can help clients obtain an insight into critical failure mechanisms. This makes it possible to calculate the exact times at which maintenance or replacement is due, and where such things may be postponed. Predictions using probability distributions of breakdowns can offer the right insight in these instances. The domain of “water” focusses on water systems, the water chain, water safety and water quality and, additionally, artworks in water systems and harbours.



We operate in the petrochemical industry,the oil and gas industry, the nutrition and pharmaceutical industry, the shipping industry, the energy sector as well as many civil projects. Our inspections include piping, (storage) tanks, welds, industrial installations and rotating equipment. Due to practical limitations and the safety demands placed on visual inspections, we are making more and more use of special inspection methods. Our experience, for example, includes the inspection of flare tips and chimneys using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS). We also perform exterior camera-inspection using an Elios drone.