Predictive modelling

We combine profound asset expertise with experts in the field of innovative data analytics techniques. This combination results in one-of-a-kind insight that establishes the added value of both domain expertise and (big) data. This insight serves as the foundation for predictions on the condition of your assets, for example. 


How we can be of service

Using the insight of your data science specialists, is it possible to determine the optimum maintenance regimen for your assets. It is also possible to draft a focussed inspection regimen and indicate whether and which monitoring can make a valuable contribution to an even greater data-driven organisation. The direct result is a more efficient implementation of time and money, and an even better and more reliable accessibility of your assets.


We specialise in various domains of physical infrastructure. We collaborate with partners in the domains of railways, roads, sanitation, construction, and industry. We are also active in the domains of water barriers, utilities, waterways, and harbours. As you can see, we operate in a highly diversified working area.

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How you can benefit

Predictive modelling can be used to map and layout various aspects of your infrastructure and operations, including:

  • Insight into the current and future status and accessibility of your assets

  • Optimised maintenance schedules for your assets

  • Optimised inspection schedules for your assets

  • Advice on the implementation of monitoring equipment for additional data collection used to optimise maintenance and inspection

  • Signal and foresee breakdowns through real-time monitoring (IoT or other sensor methods)




Predictive modelling can be implemented for all our clients.

Consider: Predictive maintenance/ Machine learning algorithms/ Scenario modelling/ Tracking model/ Railway chafing damage (RFC) model/ Probability distribution of breakdown model


Would you like to get in touch on predictive modelling and data science, then do not hesitate to contact us. We are very happy to see how we can help you maximise your assets.