Inspection by drone

Elios is part of our varied selection of camera inspection systems. Elios is a drone specifically designed for internal inspections of the most inaccessible locations, such as (storage) tanks, barrels, ducting and piping. Its protective carbon fibre frame ensures the Elios is exceptionally collision-proof at speeds up to 4 metres per second. This drone comes equipped with Full HD and thermal imaging cameras which can record and livestream images to the pilot simultaneously.


Over the years, we have become highly experienced in the external inspection of flare tips and chimneys using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS). We can also perform internal camera inspections using Elios. An internal inspection means no ROC (-light) permit from the Dutch inspection agency for living environment and transport (ILT) is required. Nor is it necessary to submit a flight plan to the Dutch authority for air traffic control (LVNL). Since the only safety requirements and work permits that need to be observed are those set by and for our clients, preparation times are a great deal shorter than for external drone inspections.

Advantages and savings

There is a number of solid advantages to a visual inspection using Elios. As the drone is able to land in toxic environments and can access the most inhospitable places, physical access by inspectors is no longer required. This reduces costs of, for example, scaffolding, Rope Access, and/or cranes. Because the drone can quickly be prepared for inspections, the downtime of machinery is significantly reduced. An internal inspection using Elios therefore saves on costs and time – and above all, its implementation is 100% safe. This means savings can easily reach several tens of thousands of Euros.